Mushroom Master is indicated for immune deficiency and is a long-term tonic. It is specific for chemotherapy where the white blood cell count and activity (phagocytosis) is impaired. These organic mushrooms are glucoaminoglycan extracts (GAG) whereby the immuno-modulating polysaccharides are first extracted in a water extraction process. The herb then goes through an alcohol extraction process to remove other immuno-modulating compounds that the water cannot extract. The two liquids are combined to create a full spectrum mushroom extract.*


  • Supports immune function
  • Supports strength & endurance
  • Fast-acting liquid

Without a doubt, stress negatively impacts healthy immune function. MUSHROOM MASTER provides the triple-powered protection of Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms. They fortify and support the body's natural defenses, especially when under stress.

MUSHROOM MASTER is the immune tonic of choice if you're constantly stressed out. It's a selective blend of the most effective mushrooms to reinforce immune health:

  • REISHI (Ganoderma)...supports daily strength, endurance and immune function. It's THE mushroom for those who put out more than they put back into themselves.
  • MAITAKE...helps the body adapt to stress and is revered in Japanese herbal medicine as a body strengthening tonic with potent immune supporting properties.
  • SHIITAKE...promotes natural killer cell activity - the body's first line of defense.


Shiitake Mushroom; Reishi Mushroom; Maitake Mushroom; Fresh Ashwagandha Root; Licorie Root; Grain alcohol (40-50% by volume); Deionized water


Common use:

Supports healthy immune function; promotes healthy body; supports energy levels; helps you deal with stress. NOTE: Can be used alternately with Immuno Tonic, Astragalus & Echinacea extracts for additional immune support.

Suggested directions:

20-60 drops in juice or water, 2-3 times per day or as needed in juice or water. Shake well before using.



Mushroom Master 1oz