Ginger Zinger Energy syrup is a natural supplement designed to give a distinct energy boost without the side-effects that come with caffeine or other energy drinks. Ginger Zinger comes in a vegetable glycerin base with honey. The formula includes ginger, ginseng root, ginko balboa, rhodiola rosea herb, schizandra berry, and a variety of other herbs often used to improve cognitive function, reduce fatigue and improve clarity of mind.


Whole Formulas Ginger Energy Zinger - alcohol-free, 4 fl oz


Whole Formulas Ginger Energy Zinger sparks natural vitality and stamina without caffeine or other harsh stimulants.

Ginger Energy Zinger Features:

  • Ginger root, a “warming” herb in Ayurvedic medicine that promotes circulation and healthy metabolic function.
  • American ginseng root, an adaptogen used to promote vitality, ward off fatigue and help the body resist the effects of stress.
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf, an antioxidant-rich herb used to promote mental acuity. Ginkgo promotes blood flow to the brain.
  • Rhodiola rosea root, an adaptogen that promotes energy, stamina, strength and mental acuity while helping the body manage stress.
  • Schizandra berry, a potent berry that promotes strong resistance to the negative effects of stress. Historically, Russian hunters used schizandra as a tea to combat fatigue.

The Benefits of Herbal Extracts:


The herbs used in Whole Formulas extracts are picked at the peak of their growth cycle to ensure maximum potency, then processed immediately upon receipt to capture their inherent vitality. Extracts are often the preferred choice of herbalists and naturopaths for this reason.


Due to common digestion issues, many people have trouble fully breaking down pills and tablets. With extracts, the plant material has already been processed during formulation. All that remains is the full-spectrum of potent active nutrients ready for absorption.


Simply place the recommended dose in water or juice and drink. The built-in dropper cap makes it easy to control dosage.

4 fl oz in amber glass bottle.

Ginger Zinger Energy 4oz Liquid